Compression Springs

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What’s compression spring?

The compression spring is the most widely used of all spring types. Because its design and principle are easy to grasp, manufacturing control is also the most simple.There is a certain gap between the rings of the compression spring. When subjected to an external load, the spring shrinks and deforms, and the deformation energy can be stored.

Type of compression spring and ends

There are many different types of compression springs for you to choose from, such as conical compression spring, hourglass(convex) compression spring, barrel(concave) compression spring, reduced ends compression spring, cylindrical compression spring, and so on.

here are many different types of ends for you to choose from, such as closed and squared ends, closed and ground ends, open ends, double closed ends, and so on.

Material and Finish

  • Carbon Steel: 65 Mn,72 A,82 B,SWP,Galvanized wire,Nickel-coated wire
  • Stainless Steel: SS 201,SS 302,SS 304,SS 316,SS 631
  • Copper Base Alloy: Beryllium Copper Springs,Phosphor bronze ,Brass spring,Tin bronze,Silicon bronze
  • Alloy Steel: 60Si2Mn,55CrV,55CrSi
  • Surface treatment:Zinc,Nickel,Copper,Gold/Silver,Chromeplated,Black oxide,Electrophoresis

How to measure a compression spring?
Pay attention to the following six elements:


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